7 Important Tips To Help You Choose The Best Wedding Makeup Artist

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Wedding ceremonies are truly amazing. The traditions, the vows and the presence of all your emotional family members and friends make these moments extra special.

You will certainly feel the need to wear the perfect gown and wedding makeup to look confident and fabulous in front of the guests and loved ones.

This might sound biased but hiring a professional makeup artist can be the best investment you can make for your wedding.

Nevertheless, if you do choose to hire a makeup artist, you should understand that each makeup artist has its own unique style and creativity. How will you spot the one best suited for you? Explore these tips to find out.

  1. Observe their makeup techniques

A true professional makeup artist will always be an ardent admirer of art. They imagine each client as an open canvas to create a beautiful masterpiece. They are well equipped with proper tools and knowledge to utilize the accurate colors and techniques to present you in the best possible way.

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They may have advanced training in makeup education from reputable schools and continue attending the classes to keep up with the ever-changing trends and techniques. Most importantly, their expertise will ensure that your makeup will last throughout the day.

Applying high-quality makeup that is flawless and looks good in both picture and person is very difficult to implement. Professionals are trained and qualified to make their job look effortless yet helping you clam, pamper and elevate your stress. You will be looking fresh and radiant and be ready to start your new life feeling your absolute best.

  1. Make sure you do a trial run

Before you choose your makeup personnel, it is better to get a trial run. This will help you avoid poor makeup outcomes during the day of your wedding.

Most of the professionals usually charge for a trial, since they are spending time, money and supplies on you. Nevertheless, this will help the artist note down all the necessary colours, types of foundation, products and lashes to be applied to suit your skin and looks.

Additionally, a trial provides you with the opportunity to communicate any necessary changes to create the exact look that you desire.

  1. Pick a professional that you can connect to

It is important to view their work in-depth and ensure to get along with them on a personal level. Look for an artist that offers a top-quality portfolio. Do not hesitate to ask for any reference if you have any doubt.  You will be spending a substantial amount of your time with the makeup artist. Therefore, it is essential to get along with them.


  1. Book them quickly and thoroughly read the contractual agreements

Once you find the right professional, book them as soon as you can (if possible a year in advance). Professionals tend to get booked up quickly, especially during the wedding seasons.

Makeup artists usually use contracts to protect and benefit their clients besides themselves. This helps to resolve any arising conflicts, as well as preventing the artists from bailing out at the last minute.

A professional makeup artist is supposed to approach you with a contract to look over and sign. If it is not offered, it is probably better to avoid moving forward with them.

Points to be noted

Here are some important points that should be considered before you proceed on to pick the best wedding makeup artist suited for your wedding.

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Window Cleaning, Do It Yourself or Hire a Professional

Source: https://www.ecmaintenance.com.au/window-cleaning-do-it-yourself-or-hire-a-professional-cleaning-company/

You need to get windows cleaned up regularly, no matter your home or your office. Many people think hiring professional cleaning company as an expensive thing for they believe window washing is a household work. However, you are seriously wrong if you think so because there are many benefits of of hiring a professional company to do window cleaning for you.

    1. Time Saving

Of course, you can do window cleaning by yourself, but it is a time-consuming work. However, if you hire a company to do window cleaning, it can free up time that you would normally spend in window cleaning. Whether it’s vacuuming or just general dusting and window wiping, with the help of professional window cleaner, you can get other things done without worrying about the dusty window.

  1. Gentle and proper care

While cleaning windows, you have to do it gently and carefully, otherwise, you might end up damaging it. Professional window cleaners are more capable of cleaning windows than you as they have much experience and training.

  1. Accountability

If you hire a professional cleaning company to clean windows for you, when a worker does something wrong, like breaking down your windows, you can complain to his manager or supervisor and ask for compensation.

  1. Good return on investment

Cleaning windows by yourself is a time consuming and physically demanding work. In addition, you should also buy some equipment to clean your windows. However, if you hire professional window cleaning companies to clean your windows, they will have all of the tools and supplies necessary to ensure that your windows are spotless and shiny for your comfort and enjoyment. Besides, it can help you avoid spending money purchasing cleaning equipment.


5 Annoying Waterproofing Mistakes To Avoid

Your bathroom is constantly exposed to water and moisture. That will lead to dampness overtime. That is when waterproofing acts as a saviour. It is essential during the construction phase of your house and protects the walls and floors against deterioration and leaks.

Although it is necessary, some common mistakes can leave the work less effective. You must be aware of these 5 common waterproofing mistakes to help protect your bathroom from premature and extensive damages.

  • Not Using Standard Products (Poor WaterProofing)

Substandard products do not last long and result in poor waterproofing. This allows cracks and leaks to form prematurely and water to pour out.

Your bathroom surface should be completely water-resistant to prevent swelling and discoloration. Hence, a quality product should be used.

  • Coating Inadequately (Sufficient Layers of Coat)

The walls and tiles of the bathroom should be applied with sufficient layers of coat. Otherwise, it will not be considered concrete.

Later on, if a problem arises from poor proofing, fixing it could be very difficult. Ensure that sufficient layers of coatings have been applied.

  • Incorrectly Placed Drainage (Appropriate Position)

In order to properly drain the water, the drainage needs to be installed in an appropriate position and the bathroom floor needs to be sloped at a proper angle.

Ensure that the slopes are well maintained. Otherwise, the water will not properly pass through the drains and lead to water retention. The moist surfaces will eventually deteriorate the walls and tiles.

  • Poorly Designed and Constructed Bathroom

A poor bathroom design can lead to surface damage in the long run. Designing mistakes such as   misplaced showers and drains or installing larger tiles near the drainage system can lead to water retention and damages to the surface.

Anything that results in water retention is severely damaging to the bathroom surface. Ensure that your bathroom is appropriately designed and constructed.

  • Failing to Appropriately Prepare the Surface

Before applying the primer, the surface needs to be prepared well. The applied coats must be given sufficient time to dry out. Otherwise, the required materials will not adhere well enough. Poorly fitted materials will create problems later on.

In order to save a few hours, lots of tilers avoid the priming steps altogether. Ensure that the primers are applied in proper coats and dried sufficiently before the membranes are fitted.


Waterproofing in Auckland is an integral part of your bathroom construction. It helps protect your bathroom surface from cracks, paint peeling and mould growths. This saves a lot of repairing cost from water damages.

Hence, it is important to avoid these afore-mentioned waterproofing mistakes to keep your bathroom healthy.


Do Not Avoid Fixing The Pipework (Its Potential Dangers Of Ruining Your Premises)

Industrial pipework requires immense workload. The piping is constantly used to transport liquids and gases from one location to another. The pipes are connected to valves and other important devices to carry out vital industrial functions.

However, the engineered piping systems should be repaired and maintained on a regular basis. Otherwise, it can present severe consequences that are described below:

Dangers of corrosion

The industrial pipework is prone to deterioration within a couple of years of installation. Since the pipes are constantly transporting heavy liquids and gases, it frequently comes in contact with oxygen and sulphur. This plants the seeds of corrosion in your piping system that slowly deteriorates it.

Corrosion converts refined metal into its oxide or hydroxide form that gradually destroys the pipes.

This process is also called rusting, which results in a characteristic orange colouration of the pipes. It can also occur in the polymer or ceramic pipes alongside the metal ones.

Effects of corrosion in the pipework

This process can be very damaging to the pipework and our health.

  • Pipes are contaminated with harmful chemicals that pose severe health risks.
  • Liquids and gases can leak through the pipes due to damage or punctures reducing productivity.
  • If it is left untreated and allowed to persist longer, it can furtherdamage the valves and pumps.
  • It thickens the pipes gradually weakening it and blocking its passage.
  • In worst cases, employees can get injured at work due to the structural damages to the piping system.

The cost of replacing corroded pipes can be very expensive. Therefore, it is important to maintain the health of the pipes within the warehouses and commercial premises to prevent it from rusting.
You can install anti-corroding pipes to make life easier for you.

Dangers of burst pipes

The problems with burst pipe scan be loud and expensive. Due to critical factors such as corrosion, soil settlement and weather patterns the piping tends to burst. Old and overused pipes can also burst due to extremely freezing weather.
Undetected and unrepaired bursting pipes can lead to several devastating situations and they are:

Burst pipes and property damage

An excessive outflow of water can lead to extensive property damage.

  • If the pipes burst from the water main, water supply will be cut off.
  • The pipes will be unable to convey liquids and gases from one vessel to the other. This will hamper the entire industrial process.
  • Up to 400ml of water can be lost each hour from a simple burst in the water pipe. That can lead to 9600 ml per day.If left unnoticed, the numbers will continue increasing along with the water bills.
  • In extreme cases, leaking water can flood your basements and premises with water.

The drainage system is another crucial factor that needs to be well maintained. You can carry out the construction of water mains and water meter installations, including excavation and back filling to inspect and detect the problems before it does excessive damages to your properties.

Car Grooming: An essential chore that should not be neglected!

Remember the first time you bought your car? The feelings were exhilarating. A couple of years in the garage and the car have lost its glow. Frankly speaking, I had neglected my car grooming chores.

My busy work schedule did not spare me enough timeto clean my car on a regular basis. Maintaining a car on your own is not that easy asit demands a lot of hard work.

Implications of not grooming your car

It requires deep cleaning of the underside and interiors of your car. If it is not done properly, your car will remain dirty and unwashed. This can be more frustrating since you put so much effort to get it done.

Problem with the paint

I wish that the issues would stop there. It stretches one step further. If you do not groom your car on a regular basis, which I failed to do, dirt starts building up on your car. This dirt combines with rain and pollutants, acts as sandpaper and etches the paints off of your car, slowly wearing and weakening it.


Then there is the problem with rust formation. The paint acts as a protective layer. Once it is chipped away, the steel and metal part of your car underneath is exposed to air and moisture. This, in turn, results in rusting of the body that slowly ruins the metal parts of your car’s body.

Lowers the resale value

These entire problems affect the look of your car. It significantly reduces the resale value of the car. Additionally, the cost of repairing and maintenance noticeably increases.

My negligence to car grooming left me with a rusted car that looked terrible. After a while, I was ashamed of using my car. It affected my self-esteem. In the end, I had to settle with purchasing another one.

What can be done?

Our busy schedule drains our energy and time. We are left with a car that is soiled, worn and unpleasant to look at. I believe that it is our responsibility to keep our cars clean and repaired.

The best thing you can do is take a ride to your nearest car wash for a car grooming service, at least once a month. It will keep your car fresh and clean. The car valet will also detect any other problems the car might be having. Most importantly, it will elongate the life of your car!

5 ways to Make Your Event Service Unforgettable

Who does not fancy throwing a good party or a fun event service?  Whether it is a small gathering of friends and family, themed birthday party ideas or a grand celebration for hundred guests, successful parties are remembered for ages.

Let us explore some of the basics of party planning to create a memorable event that will be remembered for a long time.

  1. The time and the reason for the bash√

In order to become a good host, you need to plan well and consider the various factors associated with the event. Initially, you should decide the reason for your party, budget and the season it is going to be held.

Once you have assessed the budget and time, the next step is to consider the demographics of the guests.

  1. The location of the event matters√

In order to host a fun event service, you need to pick the right venue to host your gathering because space will decide the proper setup, timeline, flow and décor of the event that you will be arranging in Melbourne.

Having a home-party certainly eliminates the costs of renting a venue. Nevertheless, renting a place will remove the stress of post-party cleaning chores.

Moreover, you get professional help from the planners to host the whole event smoothly.  

  1. Theme of the party makes a huge difference√

It is recommended to develop the décor after the venue has been chosen. In some places, decorative items are included with the rental. While in other places, you might have to bring your own items to suit the décor ideas.

Plan the theme of your party based on the demographics of the guest. You can seek ideas from tv shows, news, music videos, movies or fashion magazines to make your fun event service in Melbourne more trendy and exciting.  

  1. Age group of the guests determines the food choice√

If your budget allows it, hire a catering service. It will save your prep time and let you enjoy the event. Venues can suggest you the caterers they are associated with or you can get them from your local directory or websites.

The choice of food should be made keeping the age of yourguests in mind. Older guests prefer traditional based foods while the younger one’s prefers interactive food stations.

  1. Amenities and entertainment to spice up the celebration√

Depending on your budget, you can arrange valet parking, special lighting, sound systems and attractions such as bands or DJs to entertain and facilitate your guests.

The success of the party largely depends on the reason and importance of the event, the themes and decors of the venue and the food choice. So make the most of these points if you want to host a fun event service that is unforgettable. 

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How to protect your woolly carpet from Beetles?

Australia is a home of nasty and dangerous grubs and insects and carpet beetle is one of the niggling creatures.This species can be found in woods, damp areas, and gardens. They are feed on pollen’s and the grubs of the beetle are very easy to identify for their fluffy hairy body. After their birth, they feed on animal proteins for almost 9 months being stuck to animal skins, hair and feather.

If you have carpets, opting to carpet clean in Dandenong in every twice a month can extend its life. Unfortunately, the larvae finds it very cosy nestling inside carpet wool. Once they find comfort, they will start munching, causing severe permanent damage to the carpet. Although carpet beetles live outside, they can come inside your home to lay eggs and the woolly soft carpet would their best place for spawning. They can lay eggs at any time of the year and spread their infestation. If you have synthetic carpet then you’re free from the beetle attack. Beetles are more active in the warmer month so they tend to lurk inside the dark, damp areas of your home.

Easy tips to Eradicate Beetles from woolly carpet:

  • Keep your wool carpet clean and vacuum on regular basis. Pay careful attention particularly on the edges.
  • Move your furniture and vacuum beneath it.
  • Carpet beetles tend to lurk inside your pet body. So whenever, you’re up to cleaning your home, also pay attention to your pets.
  • Keep your fly screens sealed properly to prevent beetles flying inside.
  • Beetles can also enter with flowers being cut and bring inside from garden.
  • Spray domestic pesticide under furniture and over the carpet.

QPS cleaning can assist you with effective carpet clean service  for any kind of insect infestation. If your carpet hasn’t been cleaned professionally for a time, now, call them today at- 0411 758 982

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