5 Annoying Waterproofing Mistakes To Avoid

Your bathroom is constantly exposed to water and moisture. That will lead to dampness overtime. That is when waterproofing acts as a saviour. It is essential during the construction phase of your house and protects the walls and floors against deterioration and leaks.

Although it is necessary, some common mistakes can leave the work less effective. You must be aware of these 5 common waterproofing mistakes to help protect your bathroom from premature and extensive damages.

  • Not Using Standard Products (Poor WaterProofing)

Substandard products do not last long and result in poor waterproofing. This allows cracks and leaks to form prematurely and water to pour out.

Your bathroom surface should be completely water-resistant to prevent swelling and discoloration. Hence, a quality product should be used.

  • Coating Inadequately (Sufficient Layers of Coat)

The walls and tiles of the bathroom should be applied with sufficient layers of coat. Otherwise, it will not be considered concrete.

Later on, if a problem arises from poor proofing, fixing it could be very difficult. Ensure that sufficient layers of coatings have been applied.

  • Incorrectly Placed Drainage (Appropriate Position)

In order to properly drain the water, the drainage needs to be installed in an appropriate position and the bathroom floor needs to be sloped at a proper angle.

Ensure that the slopes are well maintained. Otherwise, the water will not properly pass through the drains and lead to water retention. The moist surfaces will eventually deteriorate the walls and tiles.

  • Poorly Designed and Constructed Bathroom

A poor bathroom design can lead to surface damage in the long run. Designing mistakes such as   misplaced showers and drains or installing larger tiles near the drainage system can lead to water retention and damages to the surface.

Anything that results in water retention is severely damaging to the bathroom surface. Ensure that your bathroom is appropriately designed and constructed.

  • Failing to Appropriately Prepare the Surface

Before applying the primer, the surface needs to be prepared well. The applied coats must be given sufficient time to dry out. Otherwise, the required materials will not adhere well enough. Poorly fitted materials will create problems later on.

In order to save a few hours, lots of tilers avoid the priming steps altogether. Ensure that the primers are applied in proper coats and dried sufficiently before the membranes are fitted.


Waterproofing in Auckland is an integral part of your bathroom construction. It helps protect your bathroom surface from cracks, paint peeling and mould growths. This saves a lot of repairing cost from water damages.

Hence, it is important to avoid these afore-mentioned waterproofing mistakes to keep your bathroom healthy.



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