Do Not Avoid Fixing The Pipework (Its Potential Dangers Of Ruining Your Premises)

Industrial pipework requires immense workload. The piping is constantly used to transport liquids and gases from one location to another. The pipes are connected to valves and other important devices to carry out vital industrial functions.

However, the engineered piping systems should be repaired and maintained on a regular basis. Otherwise, it can present severe consequences that are described below:

Dangers of corrosion

The industrial pipework is prone to deterioration within a couple of years of installation. Since the pipes are constantly transporting heavy liquids and gases, it frequently comes in contact with oxygen and sulphur. This plants the seeds of corrosion in your piping system that slowly deteriorates it.

Corrosion converts refined metal into its oxide or hydroxide form that gradually destroys the pipes.

This process is also called rusting, which results in a characteristic orange colouration of the pipes. It can also occur in the polymer or ceramic pipes alongside the metal ones.

Effects of corrosion in the pipework

This process can be very damaging to the pipework and our health.

  • Pipes are contaminated with harmful chemicals that pose severe health risks.
  • Liquids and gases can leak through the pipes due to damage or punctures reducing productivity.
  • If it is left untreated and allowed to persist longer, it can furtherdamage the valves and pumps.
  • It thickens the pipes gradually weakening it and blocking its passage.
  • In worst cases, employees can get injured at work due to the structural damages to the piping system.

The cost of replacing corroded pipes can be very expensive. Therefore, it is important to maintain the health of the pipes within the warehouses and commercial premises to prevent it from rusting.
You can install anti-corroding pipes to make life easier for you.

Dangers of burst pipes

The problems with burst pipe scan be loud and expensive. Due to critical factors such as corrosion, soil settlement and weather patterns the piping tends to burst. Old and overused pipes can also burst due to extremely freezing weather.
Undetected and unrepaired bursting pipes can lead to several devastating situations and they are:

Burst pipes and property damage

An excessive outflow of water can lead to extensive property damage.

  • If the pipes burst from the water main, water supply will be cut off.
  • The pipes will be unable to convey liquids and gases from one vessel to the other. This will hamper the entire industrial process.
  • Up to 400ml of water can be lost each hour from a simple burst in the water pipe. That can lead to 9600 ml per day.If left unnoticed, the numbers will continue increasing along with the water bills.
  • In extreme cases, leaking water can flood your basements and premises with water.

The drainage system is another crucial factor that needs to be well maintained. You can carry out the construction of water mains and water meter installations, including excavation and back filling to inspect and detect the problems before it does excessive damages to your properties.


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