Car Grooming: An essential chore that should not be neglected!

Remember the first time you bought your car? The feelings were exhilarating. A couple of years in the garage and the car have lost its glow. Frankly speaking, I had neglected my car grooming chores.

My busy work schedule did not spare me enough timeto clean my car on a regular basis. Maintaining a car on your own is not that easy asit demands a lot of hard work.

Implications of not grooming your car

It requires deep cleaning of the underside and interiors of your car. If it is not done properly, your car will remain dirty and unwashed. This can be more frustrating since you put so much effort to get it done.

Problem with the paint

I wish that the issues would stop there. It stretches one step further. If you do not groom your car on a regular basis, which I failed to do, dirt starts building up on your car. This dirt combines with rain and pollutants, acts as sandpaper and etches the paints off of your car, slowly wearing and weakening it.


Then there is the problem with rust formation. The paint acts as a protective layer. Once it is chipped away, the steel and metal part of your car underneath is exposed to air and moisture. This, in turn, results in rusting of the body that slowly ruins the metal parts of your car’s body.

Lowers the resale value

These entire problems affect the look of your car. It significantly reduces the resale value of the car. Additionally, the cost of repairing and maintenance noticeably increases.

My negligence to car grooming left me with a rusted car that looked terrible. After a while, I was ashamed of using my car. It affected my self-esteem. In the end, I had to settle with purchasing another one.

What can be done?

Our busy schedule drains our energy and time. We are left with a car that is soiled, worn and unpleasant to look at. I believe that it is our responsibility to keep our cars clean and repaired.

The best thing you can do is take a ride to your nearest car wash for a car grooming service, at least once a month. It will keep your car fresh and clean. The car valet will also detect any other problems the car might be having. Most importantly, it will elongate the life of your car!

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